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Link Whatsapp <> Google Sheets

Capture leads, Export data, Register Customers etc. on your Whatsapp.

All you need is an ANDROID phone.

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1. Capture Leads from Whatsapp into Google Sheets

2. Paperless Entry Register using Whatsapp

3. Export Whatsapp data(phone no's & chats) to sheets in realtime

4. Take attendance using whatsapp

5. Whatsapp Status Marketing

NLP Chatbot, Customer Support,Whatsapp CRM, Shopify Integration coming soon...

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How to get it working?

Install our android app FluxRobot on your phone with Whatsapp.
Thats it. You are done!

FluxRobot is a robot for your phone.
It will automate Whatsapp on your phone with your permission.

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Feature 1/4

Capture Leads on Whatsapp

Your customers message you on Whatsapp.
We export all the leads to google sheets.

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Feature 2/4

Paperless Entry Register

Do you use books as entry registers(e.g building entry)
Shift to no touch entry registers using whatsapp.
People scan a qr using whatsapp to register.

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Feature 3/4

Whatsapp Status Marketing

Let your customers subscribe to your whatsapp status.
Share updates, offers, promotions on whatsapp status to your customers.

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Feature 4/4

Whatsapp Data Export

All your whatsapp chats and customer details are exported to google sheets in realtime.

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